About Projector Lamps

We offer projector Lamps with following options

OEM Lamp Module

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Module, This is the exact same lamp that originally came with your projector. Genuine projector bulb plus genuine housing & packaging with 3 months warranty.

Original Lamp Module

Our original lamp modules engineered to the original specifications for the lamp model by the OEM lamp manufacturer.We use Philips (UHP or TOP),  Osram (P-VIP or VIP-R),  Ushio (UMPRD, NSH or NSHA) and Phoenix (SHP) Original and Genuine bare Lamps with compatible housing. We offer 4 month warranty for original lamp. 

Original Bare Lamp

We also offer original bare lamp means only an original bulb without housing. The advantage is usually the price. You have to reuse your's old lamp housing. Before placing a bare lamp purchase order make sure that the lamp housing can be reuse and has not damaged. We also offer 3 months warranty for bare lamps.